About Luthier Wing

Chan Ka Wing

The Violin Maker

I am always fascinated by the beautiful sound of violin. In 2007, with the mercy from God, I was given the opportunity to start my apprenticeship in a violin making factory in Guangzhou, China.  I worked at the violin factory for about one year and had acquired from there, the basic knowledge for the making of violin and cello in factory level and the technique for the basic set up of the instrument for performance.

With that basic understanding, in the fall of 2007, I took one step further to study abroad in the Violin Making School USA (VMSA), Salt Lake City, USA.  After a 3-year-course at VMSA, I have obtained a Degree of Luthier.  In the years of study thereat, I have earned the precious skills and techniques in the construction, varnishing, setting up and repairing of violins and cellos.

My horizon is further broadened through the irreplaceable occasions to meet the renowned makers of instruments and bows as well as some great players.  Also, the experience in hands-on-viewing of historical great makers’ master pieces is nothing but priceless.

Apart from the study in VMSA, I have also attended a course at the Victoria Conservatory of Music in the summer of 2009.  At the conclusion of the course, I am granted a Certificate of Attendance in baroque and modern bow making, general bow restoration and repair.

After my graduation, I returned to Hong Kong because I want to contribute my expertise to the music field here in my home town.  I am convinced that my experience and skills as a luthier can be of assistance to strings instrument players here in Hong Kong.